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Last Updated: 02/06/19

Pancreatic SPOREs

Pancreatic cancer is the cause of 7.3% of the cancer deaths in the United States. Over 56,770 newly diagnosed cases and an estimated 45,750 deaths are expected in the United States in the year 2019. Surgery, radiation, and chemotherapies are treatment options that can extend survival and/or relieve symptoms in these patients, but seldom produce a cure. Patients with cancers of the pancreas have a particularly poor prognosis, as mortality for this cancer is extremely high (5-year survival rate of only 8.5% from 2008-2014). Currently, the investigators from pancreatic cancer SPOREs are working closely with the researchers in GI Cancer SPOREs. Pancreatic SPOREs and GI SPOREs with projects in pancreatic cancer are developing screening protocols to collect biospecimens from early lesions, fluid from cysts, circulating tumor cells, or DNA from serum. These biospecimens could help develop new molecular or imaging biomarkers that could be used in the selection of pancreatic cancer patients for early surgical intervention.