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Last Updated: 09/20/17

Sarcoma SPOREs

Sarcomas represent a heterogeneous group of cancers that may stem from soft tissue (muscles, fat tissue), bone, cartilage, peripheral nerve sheets, or from other connective tissues. Many of these tumors affect children and young adults accounting for 15% of all pediatric cancers. The incidence for individual sarcoma types is rather low and all combined amount to approximately 14,420 new cases per year (American Cancer Society data for 2013). The estimated death rate for 2013 is about 5,830 patients.

SARC (Sarcoma Alliance for Research through Collaboration)

Laurence Howard Baker, DO [Click Here]
Deputy Director and Director, Clinical Research
Division of Internal Medicine
University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer center
1500 East Medical Center Dr., 7216 CCGC/0948
Ann Arbor, MI 481090948
Phone: 734-936-3983
Fax: 734-647-7279

Raphael Pollock, MD PhD
Professor and Director, Division of Surgical Oncology
Department of Surgical Oncology
The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center
410 West 10th Avenue, N924 Doan Hall
Columbus, OH 43210
Tel: (617) 735-2065
Fax: (617) 735-2050

Denise Reinke, MS NP MBA
President and CEO, SARC
University of Michigan
24 Frank Lloyd Wright Drive
Lobby A Suite 3100
Ann Arbor, MI 48106
Tel: 734-930-7600
Fax: 734-930-7557