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Last Updated: 03/22/23

Epigenetics SPOREs

Epigenetic changes, that means heritable variations of gene expression that do not involve deviations in DNA sequences, may cause a multitude of diseases and conditions. In cancer, the two most important epigenetic factors that contribute to the disease are modifications of histones in chromatin and abnormal methylation patterns. While these characteristics of cancer were known for decades, only the last fifteen years brought successful interventions that dramatically improved the survival of cancer patients, mainly with hematological malignancies. The Epigenetic Therapy SPORE is the first thematic SPORE grant of its kind with the promise to harness the potential of epigenetic therapy in several cancers including solid tumors. The team of investigators in this grant represents world-class pioneers in epigenetics. Several of the investigators have served on other SPOREs in the past and more recently were recognized as Epigenetics Dream Team by the Stand Up To Cancer Initiative. The current SPORE grant focuses on epigenetic interventions in myelodysplastic syndrome, leukemia, lung, colorectal, breast, ovarian cancers, and other solid tumors.