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Last Updated: 12/05/18

2018 SPORE Workshops

2018 Brain SPORE/PSON Retreat

  • Meeting Objective: Facilitate collaborations amongst researchers in the NCI Brain Specialized Programs of Research Excellence (SPORE) and NCI Physical Sciences of Oncology Network (PSONs).
  • Workshop Agenda

Breast SPORE Workshop

  • Meeting Objective: Provide an overview of the Breast SPOREs and discuss topics on identifying preclinical translational research challenges, highlight advances, and defining resources and technologies, while fostering collaborations within the Breast SPORE sites and other NCI stakeholders.
  • Meeting Summary
  • Workshop Agenda

NCI GI and Pancreatic SPOREs Workshop

GYN SPORE Workshop 2018

Head & Neck/Thyroid SPORE Workshop

  • Meeting Objective: Define obstacles to success in the field of head & neck and thyroid cancer research and to identify the resources needed to overcome these barriers. In addition, participants will engage in interactive discussions of key topics in head & neck and thyroid translational research, including novel tumor targets, translational models, immunotherapy, chemoprevention, HPV, and thyroid redifferentiation trials.
  • Meeting Summary
  • Workshop Agenda

2018 Lung Cancer SPORE Workshop

Annual Inter-Skin SPORE Scientific Retreat

NCI Workshop on Lineage Plasticity and Androgen Receptor-Independent Prostate Cancer

  • Meeting Objective: Advance the state-of-the science to address the following crucial needs: (i) fundamental understanding of how lineage plasticity occurs (ii) determination of the temporal contribution and cooperation of emerging drivers (iii) development of preclinical models that recapitulate the biology of disease and the recognized phenotypes and (iv) identification of therapeutic targets and novel trial designs dedicated to the entity as it is defined.
  • Workshop Agenda